I’m back

15 Apr

When I started this blog, I did it for a class. I was in my first semester in a new Master’s program, and I had to make a blog. The teacher wasn’t too specific about what the blog had to talk about, so I went with what I knew, what I liked. And I liked role-playing.

Fast forward a semester, and the same teacher was teaching a class on board games (I never like the term the teacher preferred, “analog games”). And they assigned a blog again. Hey look, I already had one perfectly suited for discussions of board games. And, thanks to that class, this blog moved away from role-playing games and towards board games. But that was still fun.

Then I went and graduated and my output slowed. Well, not so much slowed, as stopped completely.

But now, I find myself feeling the need to write, to discuss the games I love. So I’m back. I’ll be moving back and forth between board games and role-playing games, and maybe even try my hand at some video content. I’m hoping to keep updating fairly regularly, but who knows for sure how well that will work?

In any case, I’m back in action. Is there anything you think I should start with? Leave a comment if you’re interested in more discussion on role-play storytelling or board game reviews. If there’s any specific board games you think I should talk about, tell that, too. We’ll see how it goes.

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