My name is Greg, and I’m the one throwing advice, opinion, and rants at you from behind the safety of my computer screen.

I’m a Dungeon Master and gamer in my late twenties. I’ve been playing and running role-playing games for more than fifteen years. I am husband to a loving wife (who, I might add, enables my addiction to board games). I am owner of two crazed cats (who, I might add, try to save me from my addiction by stealing all my dice and hiding them under furniture).

I went to school for acting, then for theoretical drama, then for English. I believe my education has made me a better gamer. At least, it’s made me a more interesting DM.

My love for story-telling goes above and beyond simply creating worlds for role-playing games. I would love, one day, to be an author. I’m currently working on a fantasy novel, though it is taking a back seat to my schooling. Ah, well, such is the life of an academic.


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