Brews out of the Box 3: Bleeders

01 Mar


Description: They are heard before they can be seen. A droning buzz, wings beating impossibly fast. By the time their prey sees them, it’s too late for them to run. Carried aloft on four gossamer wings, they stand barely six inches tall, like tiny humans made of shining black stone. Their smooth, eyeless faces are split widely across the middle, a maw of tiny, needle-like teeth. In one hand, they carry a small rapier, with a tip so fine it’s practically invisible. The sting of the blades are almost painless… But they leave wounds the won’t stop bleeding. A swarm of Bleeders can leave a full grown man dead in a pool of his own blood in moments.

Idea: One of my biggest problems with Pathfinder and D&D monsters is the lack of powerful creatures that aren’t really big. Past a certain challenge rating, every monster seems to be Large sized or bigger. With the amount of Pathfinder classes that focus on attacking touch armor (I’m looking at you, Alchemists and Gunslingers), big creatures can sometimes prove… underwhelming. So I wanted a small creature that could prove a challenge. The flaw in such a plan, of course, is that while small creatures may be harder to hit, they can’t deal as much damage. Solution? Bleed damage that stacks, so that opponents end up taking damage from several sources at once.

Thematically, these were small creatures created in a pocket prison dimension, made from the same stuff that formed the building itself and the much larger construct guardians. That’s why they looked like stone; they were constructs. It was more flavor that function, though, and Bleeders could just as easily be magical creatures or fey.

Mechanics: The most obvious thing going for the Bleeders is their size. As small creatures, they have a much higher armor class (specifically touch armor) than their bigger counterparts. They also have an attach mechanic, clinging to the bodies of their enemies, automatically dealing damage every turn. And that damage inflicts Bleed, hurting more through blood loss, making them much more dangerous than they could even hope to be through the little normal damage they could inflict with their tiny weapons.


100 hp. 1-ft space, 0-ft reach. AC: 23 (t23 ff19). Initiative: 8. Fort: 4 Ref: 10 Will: 4. Speed: 30 (fly). Damage Reduction: 10/adamantine. Spell Resistance: Perfect (see below).

Melee Attack: Rapier (+26/+21/+16, 1d4 + bleed + attach).

Special Rules:

-Attach (Successful hit automatically succeeds as if a grapple; Bleeders can still attack while grappling; as long as Bleeder is attached, its attacks resolve v. touch and target takes -2 on all roles)

-Bleed (Wounded target takes extra 1d4 damage per round at start of their turn; this effect stacks; Magical healing or heal skill stops blood loss)

-Spell Immunity (Immune to any spell that grants Spell Resistance; “Transmute Rock to Mud” slows it for 2d6 rounds, no save; “Transmute Mud to Rock” heals it; “Stone to Flesh” gets rid of Damage Immunity and Spell Resistance for 1 round).

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